To Register Your Team

  1. Login or Create An Account first!
  2. From the League & Activities Home Page hover over the “Registration” tab and select “Team League Registration Adult & Youth”
  3. Search the menu tree from the “Team League Registration Adult & Youth” and choose the league type you are planning on registering the team to.
  4. From there you will see the list of available leagues. Click on the green “Register” button. (For a complete description of the league click on the blue Question Button)
  5. Select either the Register A Team (manager only) or Join A Team (Player must have a Player Code which will be provided by the manager after registration).

    ATTN: Manager

    ~ In your confirmation e-mail will be the Player Code. The Player Code can be found in the attached PDF League Confirmation. Forward this number on to your players so they are able to register to the team and make any necessary payments.
  • As the manager you need to provide the payment amount each player needs to contribute to the total team fee.

~ After you have registered the team and paid the team fee you will need to roster yourself on to the team. This needs to be completed no matter if you registered under the PIF or Individual Option. Do this by following the Player Registration instructions below.  No additional payment will be required.

Player Registration: Each team is provided a Player Code. Use this Player Code to register on your team. It is the team manager’s responsibility to provide you with the Player Code.

  1. Using the instructions above select the league your team will be playing in
  2. Select “Join A Team”
  3. Use the Player Code provided by your manager
  4. Complete the shopping cart information to join the team
  5. Once you have joined the team you will be able review your team balance and make a payment.
  • The Team Balance can be found in the right hand section along with Edit Account, Account History, Balance, Shopping Cart, Log Out
  • Click on Balance
  • Click in the Payment Amount
  • Type in the amount the manager assigned you to pay
  • Click on “Make A Payment”
  • Click on “Add to Shopping Cart”
  • Continue checking out