Player Handbook Download


For your enjoyment and safety we have created a Policy and Procedure Handbook. This information will help you and your team get the most out of your time at PDX SportsCenter. Below is an abbreviated version, we recommend you download the entire booklet. It is also suggested that each member of your team has a chance to review the information prior to committing to playing at PDX SportsCenter. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you.


  • All players must acknowledge our waiver of liability prior to stepping on the field.
  • All players must have a current PDX SportsCenter Membership Card. Player Membership Cards are $20 and renew yearly. Guest players will need a temporary player pass for $12.
  • Shin guards and flat (tennis or indoor soccer) shoes are required.

League Ranking Matrix

14– 46 team leagues are scheduled based on our League Matrix. The Matrix matches teams against other teams that are ranked closely up and down the matrix. Teams are placed in the matrix based on the team standings from the previous session. New teams entering the league will be placed in the matrix based on the manager’s description.


League standings are calculated based on overall points earned by wins, ties and bonus points associated with each ranked position. Standing order shall be 1) Points, 2) Wins, 3) Ties, 4) Losses*. Should two teams finish tied at the end of the session a tie breaker will be determined by 1) Record win/loss, goal differential, goals scored and goals against. PDX SportsCenter reserves the right to move teams up or down a league based on standings from the previous session in the best interest of the league. New teams please provide an overall picture of your team’s level of play. This will help best place your team in a league. *Wins = 3 points, Ties = 1 point for each team. Additionally, bonus points are added to each winning and tied team, see graphic.

PDX SportsCenter League Matrix – Power Ranking Bonus Points
*Teams are ranked at the beginning of each session
*Based on the rankings is how the team match-ups are created (game schedule)
*Each ranking has an associated Bonus Point Number
*These points are awarded for Wins & Ties & are in addition to W-L-T-GF-GA-GD
Team Ranking Win Points Tie Points Team Rankings Win Points Tie Points
Team 1 16 8 Team 1 14 7
Team 2 15 8 Team 2 13 7
Team 3 14 7 Team 3 12 6
Team 4 13 7 Team 4 11 6
Team 5 12 6 Team 5 10 5
Team 6 11 6 Team 6 9 5
Team 7 10 5 Team 7 8 4
Team 8 9 5 Team 8 7 4
Team 9 8 4 Team 9 6 3
Team 10 7 4 Team 10 5 3
Team 11 6 3 Team 11 4 2
Team 12 5 3 Team 12 3 2
Team 13 4 2 Team 13 2 1
Team 14 3 2 Team 14 1 1
Team 15 2 1
Team 16 1 1



League Tournament Policy & Procedure

Each session teams are scheduled 7 games. The 8th game will be a best match-up and scheduled after the 7th game scores have been recorded. The top two (2) teams will face off for the championship of the league.

Rule of Play

FIFA and WISL {World Indoor Soccer League} rules. The following exceptions apply…


1)  All players must check in prior to each game at the PDX SportsCenter front desk.


2) Minimum number of players to play a game is four (4). If a team does not have the minimum amount of players to begin the game a forfeit will be awarded to the missing team. Teams short on players may use “pick-up” players. The maximum number of pick-up players is three (3).  Teams using more than three (3) pick-up players forfeit the game. No additional pick-up or guest players shall be allowed to play after half-time.
3) Teams in the Men’s Leagues will consist of five (5) players plus a goalkeeper. Teams in the Coed Leagues will consist of six (6) players and a goalkeeper. Youth Leagues: for U-9 to U-11, six (6) plus a goalkeeper; for U-8 and under seven (7) plus a goalkeeper.


4) Adult league players must be at least 16 years old to play


5) All games will be 2 x 22 minute halves, w/1 minute half time


6) If a team, at any time during the game, has a five (5) goal lead, the opposing team may add one (1) extra player


7) Game clock will start at scheduled game time—NO EXCEPTIONS


8) Game clock will NOT be stopped for any reason other than a serious injury to a player


9) The HOME team is responsible for:

  1. Supplying the game ball
  2. In case of conflict in shirt/uniform color, the HOME team will be required to change.


10) Shin guards are mandatory for all players at all times—NO EXCEPTIONS


11) All players must wear indoor shoes (flats) or sneakers—NO MOLDED CLEATS ALLOWED AT ANYTIME


12) Only team players and two (2) coaches are allowed in the team bench area. Youth teams are required to have at least one adult (21 years or older) in the team bench area at all times


13) Cameras and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the player boxes, penalty boxes, score keepers box or field


14) Fighting of any nature may result in a life ban from the facility. Referee or PDX SportsCenter staff assault will result in criminal prosecution. Players and fans MAY NOT leave the player box and enter the field during an altercation. This violation is an automatic team suspension.


15) Foul language will not be tolerated from players, coaches, or spectators. Referee or PDX SportsCenter staff will ask the offender to leave the facility *Players will receive a “Language Blue Card” with a 2 minute personal penalty.


16) CHEWING GUM on the playing field is strictly prohibited. Players caught will receive a 2-minute penalty


17) SPITTING on the field, player boxes or floor of PDX SportsCenter is strictly prohibited. Players caught will receive a 2-minute penalty. Players caught before or after the game may receive a suspension of play at PDX SportsCenter.


18) All free kicks are direct, including kick-off.


19) On kick-offs, ball may be played forward or backward.


20) When a free kick is being taken, the defending team must be at least 15 feet from the spot of the ball. Infringement will result in a two (2) minute penalty


21) Offside rule is NOT in effect


22) Free substitution on the fly. Player must be off the field before substitute comes in. Infringement will result in a two (2) minute penalty


23) Slide tackling is strictly prohibited. Infringement will result in a two (2) minute penalty


24) The goalkeeper may slide ONLY in the penalty arc and will be subject to penalties should he/she proceed to slide outside of the penalty arc


25) The goalkeeper may retain possession of the ball with his/her hands for a maximum of 5 seconds. Bouncing the ball is prohibited. Infringement will result in a free kick at the top of the penalty arc for opposing team


26) All fouls awarded inside the penalty arc will be taken from the top of the arc


27) A breakaway foul will result in a two (2) minute penalty for the person committing foul and a 1 vs. 1 with goalkeeper.

  1. All players except goalkeeper and opposing forward must be at half field line.
  2. Ball is placed on dot at white line (closest to goal) and play resumes when referee blows whistle (Similar to hockey)


28) A ball that:

A .Strikes the side netting or leaves the playing field will result in a free kick on the white line where stoppage of play occurred

  1. Strikes netting between the corner marks, having last been touched by defensive team, will result in a corner kick
  2. Strikes netting between the corner marks, having last been touched by offensive team, will result in the goalkeeper THROWING the ball directly into play
  3. Strikes the top netting will result in a free kick anywhere along the nearest White line


29) If a player or goalkeeper plays the ball across 3 lines in the air without being touched by another player or without touching the perimeter wall, a free kick is awarded to the opposing team on the white line closest to the opponent’s goal


30) Protests are not allowed. REFEREE DECISIONS ARE FINAL


31) Players receiving a:

  1. a. YELLOW card will serve a two (2) minute penalty
  2. Three (3) BLUE cards in one game will receive a RED card
  3. One (1) YELLOW & two (2) BLUE cards in a single game will receive a RED card
  4. RED card will be required to leave facility and will serve a MINIMUM 1-week suspension
  5. Two (2) RED cards in a single session will sit out remainder of session and will not be allowed to play in the following session

RED CARD Reinstatement Fee: A $45 reinstatement fee will be charged to any player who receives a red card penalty and must be
paid prior to playing again.






These leagues, and all leagues, are meant to be recreational in nature and we will strive to keep them as such. Referees will enforce the following “Special” rules:


1) There will be seven (7) players on a side. Never may there be more than three (3) men on the floor (excluding goalkeeper) at anytime.


2) All free kicks (except kick-offs & kicks within a team’s own penalty arc) must be taken by a woman. Infringement will result in a change of possession.


3) All penalties (issuance of blue card) charged to a goalkeeper must be served by the goalkeeper or a male player (if goalkeeper is male). A goalkeeper must serve his/her own time when cautioned (issuance of yellow or red card).


5) MENACING FOUL: If the referee feels that a player, through actions or words, threatens, intimidates or places in jeopardy a member of the opposing team, a free kick shall be awarded, and, if warranted, a two (2) minute penalty given.


6) 2 Goal Limit for all male players per game.

  1. No goal limit in Adult Coed Premier
  2. A two (2) goal limit in the Over 30ish’ league for BOTH male and female players

Player Penalties


Duration: 2 Minutes
Opponent Scores: Team returns to full strength
Individual Foul: Servers duration off field
Team Foul: Player serving penalty may return


Duration: 5 Minutes
Opponent Scores: Team returns to full strength
Individual Foul: Servers duration off field
Team Foul: Player serving penalty may return


Duration: Minimum 1 Week
Opponent Scores: Team remains short-handed for entire duration
Individual Foul: Ejected. Must exit the Building
Team Foul: NA
Minimum 1-week suspension of play plus $45 membership reinstatement fee

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Player Equipment

No outdoor cleats are allowed.  This helps maintain the integrity of the turf and keeps players safe.  Thank you.


Not Allowed

Goalkeep Attire
The goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players.


Shin Guards
Shin guards are REQUIRED for all players. Socks must be worn over shin guards and be pulled up to completely cover the shin guards.


A player may not wear jewelry (watches, bracelets, etc.) which is dangerous to themselves or other players.