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Why Skills?Skills_Institute_7143

Skills Institute is a developmental soccer program for boys and girls ages 5-12 years. With a 8:1 player to coach ratio, players will receive plenty of one on one attention as they explore their potential in the target areas of soccer. Classes will be offered in groups by age and skill level. Throughout each session players will be evaluated, experience chalk talks, video analysis, and the occasional homework assignment to practice at home. Players will walk away more confident, equipped for their next right step, and ready for life’s challenges on and off the field

Level Descriptions

Level 1
Ages 5/6, 7/8, 9-12
Focus will be on basic fundamentals of player development: dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping and how to use them effectively in a game. Level 1 will take players through weekly sessions of fundamental skill building and competitive drills/games to develop self-confidence in practice and game situations. Player to coach ratio is 8:1


Level 2: Ages 5/6, 7/8, 9-12 (By Recommendation Only)
Focus will be on continual development of individual technique, history of the game, positioning, and speed and agility. Level 2 will take players through a challenging 1 hour weekly session of driving competence of the fundamentals, defining of positions, and development of personal strengths and how to contribute those strengths to enhance team play. Player to coach ratio is 8:1


Level 3
Ages 9+ By Recommendation Only
Focus will be on individual position specific training, tactical insight, systems of play, as well as speed and agility. Level 3 will take players through a challenging 1 hour weekly session of mastery of the fundamentals, position responsibilities, tactical approaches, as well as attacking/defending. Player to coach ratio is 8:1

Skills Institute Spring Schedule

Open Enrollment – Join Anytime

MAY 6TH2018

Start Week: February 19th
End Week: May 6th
# of classes: 10 classes
Price Per Class: $19.50
[NOTE: No classes 03/26/18-04/03/18]Additional Information
Annual membership required ($20 per child or $40 per family)Interested in enrolling in our current session? We prorate! Give us a call or email and let’s get you signed up today!

Open Enrollment – Join Anytime

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Can I join a class in the middle of a session?

Yes! We offer open enrollment, so that you can join anytime and have your class fees prorated. This means that you pay only for the remaining class and not the full session fee.


What should my kids wear?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and indoor soccer shoes (no cleats) or plain tennis shoes. Shinguards are needed for all levels. Skills Institute jerseys are sometimes offered promotionally or are available for purchase.  A uniform gives kids a sense of belonging because they look like others on the team.


How many girls and boys are in each class?

Classes are co-ed, so the mix of boys and girls is based on who registers. If you have five or more players and we have enough field space, we are open to creating a special class for you with your requested mix of children.

Lil’ Kickers

Lil’ Kickers, a strong foundation…for life.


Lil’ Kickers is more than just a great soccer program for kids. Our balanced and creative approach to coaching will have a positive impact on your child that goes far beyond the soccer field.  Our high-energy soccer classes are carefully designed to enhance your child’s overall growth and well-being.  The result?  Kids with strong physical skills, who are well-balanced and confident.   And, we do all this while your child has the time of their life.


Our enrollment of more than 900,000 children nationwide have a blast when they come through our doors. Find out why.

Lil' Kickers